About Us

Photo by Christian Kaysen
A married couple with a blog! That's cute, right? We'll go ahead and count it as cute.

Will is a pop culture enthusiast, professional wrestling critic, stage manager, and lover of the performing arts. He grew up enjoying television, cinema, sports, literature, and anything that slips through the cracks in those topics. He is a staff writer at prowrestling.net, where he looks at wrestling, reality television, and occasionally slips in an odd culture reference. He also gives great high fives. He is on the Twitter machine @itswilltime.

Kristi is an amateur researcher, actress, problem solver, and food critic. Basically, she loves to read, act, think, and eat. She also loves the Oxford comma. She grew up enjoying TGIF, Dinosaurs, and Disney movies. She hates anything scary, though her "fight or flight" response is usually to fight. Sometimes she is funny and that's why Will married her. She can be found on the Twitter @MrsKPru.